Hay drying systems are a basic component in the production of quality Hay for forage.

A well designed and operated Hay Drying system reduces curing time and reduces possible losses due to rain, moisture, fire and, at times, spontaneous combustion.

A Hay Dryer helps move air through the Hay by using a powerful air induction system that forces air through the hay, greatly saving time on the drying process, keeping the hay cooler and dryer. The Hay Dryer own engineering keeps the hay off the moist earth turning the hay drying process in a much more exacting endeavour.

The Vedafarming Hay Dryer, like all VedaFarming products, usually adapted to the US market from European built machinery, has been engineered to reduce costs and use less energy then their native counterparts. That's due to the additional research done in European farming equipment that are usually faced with higher energy costs and other limitation. 

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